There is no denying that Cannabis company’s are hot, a market that should not be ignored at the moment.  As we turn the corner from decades of prohibition there is a major volatility in the market, one that will work in some people’s favor, but not in others.  If history has taught us anything its that bubbles will pop and fortunes will be made, and lost.  Cannabis in the united states is currently a multi-billion dollar industry and will only continue to grow as states vote to legalize marijuana or the federal government works towards re-classifying cannabis from a schedule 1 narcotic.

At Sugarleaf we have developed a modular production system that is unmatched in quality and efficiency that can be expanded worldwide.  We are a profitable company that doesn’t need the money market to sustain growth.  We pride ourselves in establishing a business model that will sustain wall streets impact on our industry and continue to strive as time marches on.  When the dust settles, it will be work ethic and industry passion that separates Sugarleaf from its competitors.

We are currently looking for individuals that live in “Legalized” States/Countries that are interested in starting their own cannabis operations and have the monetary means to do so.  We offer a system that is tried and trued, a training program and genetic advantage that is unmatched in our industry.  Interested in learning more, please “submit” your credentials here.