In order to obtain the absolute best quality cannabis the challenge starts with selecting world-class genetics, or phenotype’s.  At Sugarleaf we don’t just look for a strain we look for the strain.  We work directly with world-renowned breeders to pop seeds, selecting only the best representation of the breeder’s vision for mother plants used to propagate our clones from.

Our clones are kept in custom (aero-ponic) clone machines and checked daily to ensure we establish a solid root zone and plant metabolism that meets our critical requirements.

Once a solid root zone is established, we select the top 80% of clones to move into pre-veg.  Not only is Pre-Veg where the plant begins to take shape, but plants are introduced to our proprietary growing medium and allowed to establish themselves before being up-potted again and moved to our veg area.

Only beautiful, healthy, striving plants are selected from pre-veg and up potted again into our Veg section.  Here they are introduced to High Pressure Sodium lights and we begin to acclimatize them for our state of the art bloom rooms.

By the time a zone has made it to bloom, only 60% of all clones taken actually remain.  Our bloom rooms where engineered by us, with the sole purpose of producing world class cannabis.  We keep a 2 degree plus or minus tolerance, 4% R.H. variance, and a vapor pressure deficit absolutely perfect for a plants photosynthesis cycle.

When our zones are ready for harvest, we hand pluck all the fan leaves and hang dry in a custom dry room for 7 days.

Once dried, we load the product into food grade, UV resistant containers and allow the plants to shed their excess ethylene gas (cure) for an additional 14 days.

21 days after harvest and only when the flowers meet our tough internal requirements, we trim the remainder of the leaf off of the flower and hand package it in food grade glass jars for your pleasure.