“It starts with a seed”


At Sugarleaf we understand that it all starts with a seed. Carefully bred by the most dedicated artisans. Skillfully tended in the most nurturing environment. Because from remarkable seeds, remarkable things will grow.

Sugarleaf began with the seed of inspiration: “Cannabis Perfected.” We take pride in our deep roots as core pioneers of our industry. More than yield, potency or brand knowledge, we strive to create a product which enhances people’s lives. Taking Cannabis from the darkness of prohibition into the sunlight of realization makes for exciting times– and we never forget how lucky we are to live it every day. We lead by example, moving our industry forward. We are who we want our industry to become.

We promise you “Cannabis Perfected.” To always remain true to the seed of inspiration that is Sugarleaf. To bring together only the best of the best – from seed to store. And above all, to never forget that it is people who matter the most!


Happy plants = healthy plants and a healthier planet.

“Second best” product never enters our packaging. Quite simply, if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for yours. Our best practices for cultivation continue to set industry standards for impeccable quality that’s always consistent.  Consistency you can rely on from package to package, and strain to strain. 

Water usage, energy consumption, and waste management are at the heart of our cultivation. Our pure Pacific Northwest water is carefully reclaimed and filtered. Integrated pest management using beneficial insects and biologicals ensures that no harsh pesticides ever touch our plants.

Going above and beyond compliance standards isn’t the only way we work to reduce environmental impact. We’re always working to make our industry a greener place.


A wise man once said,

“only when one loves what they do can greatness be achieved.”

Creating “Cannabis Perfected” is a labor of love for us.  More than just a team, we’re family. Our amazing family unites over two decades of expertise with some of the finest minds in our industry. This environment creates a culture of enrichment that enhances career opportunities. And nurtures our team as we continue to seek out the best ways to produce the best cannabis.

Always evolving as a company, we’re proud to be changing the landscape of how cannabis is grown, harvested, packaged — and perceived.  To us, that means moving beyond yesterday’s “stoner” images. From the high functioning individuals who enjoy our products to the dedicated professionals creating them, we’re shattering stereotypes and setting new standards. 

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