No, per the Washington state law you are required to buy our products from a licensed i502 retailer, please visit our WHERE TO BUY page to find our retail partners

At Sugarleaf we spare no expenses when it comes to curing out product.  Our plants spend (112) days in our facility being cared for by our talented staff, once the products are harvested we hang them upside down on food grade carts for 7 days until they have approximately a 8% moisture rate. The state allows us to have up to a 15% moisture rate but we have found that when cannabis has any more than 8% moisture it begins to form bacteria colonies. Once dried, we de-stem flowers by hand and leave in food grade, light and UV proof containers for up to 14 days. This is where the flowers release ethylene gas and begin to form that beautiful smell that we all love so much.

The beautiful thing about the cannabis industry is anybody can find a job. Unemployment rates are at an all time high and the Cannabis industry provides jobs ranging from entry-level pot washers, to trimmers, packagers and management. The most important thing for us is you have to be passionate about the industry, you can learn a specific skill set but passion cannot be taught.

Yes, but only to a certain extent. By chilling the growing room down near the end of the plants life you can make the plant believe it is further into the season. This will change the color towards a purple as opposed to green.

If we could answer that question in one word, it would be process. There are approximately 600 producers in the state of Washington and many of them grow good quality products. What sets Sugarleaf apart is our dedication to never settling for good enough, or becoming complaisant with our own success. We bring a passion and youth to the industry that cannot be matched. The amount of data that we collect and analyze for critical decisions is unmatched in the industry. For years the industry has been measured and compared through speculation, as the industry begins to stand on its own two feet we feel it’s time that changes.

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