How going Green made an impact at Sugarleaf

The brand known as Sugarleaf has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2015 when it started with a single employee in the back of a 100-year old barn. Since then, Sugarleaf has gained many cannabis fans as sales have continued to rise 300% each year. The square footage now covers 17,000 in this state of the art facility. The impact they’re having on the industry is enormous and is being felt throughout Washington State as the brand steadily grows with each harvest.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have an incredible genetic vault to pull from, including Blueberry DJ Short, Glue #4 (Previous Dope Cup Winner), Sunset Sherbet, Presidential Kush (Previous Cannabis Cup Winner), Kandy Kush, Pink Lemonade and many more including their most popular strain White 99.

White 99 was originally bred by world renown breeder Tierra Rojo, this previous Cannabis Cup Winner is an offspring of Cinderella 99 and The White. Arguably the most potent 50/50 hybrid in the State, it packs a punch that will hit you right behind your eyes. It’s not uncommon to see White 99 with test results over 30% THC.

“Located in a nondescript building about two hours north of Seattle is a cannabis company primed to change everything about the industry”

This Sugarleaf crew is a solid group of cultivators that understand exactly what makes cannabis plants grow in the best way possible. Lead bloom gardener Kayla explains that “due to their specialized nutrient program, their plants have never looked better.” Nutrients provide the foundation for structure and integrity for each cell in the plant. Broken down into three stages: Primary, Secondary and Micro; each stage plays a key role in the chemical reactions that occur as plants grow. Being the nice people they are, the crew at Sugarleaf wanted to share their nutrient regimen. You’re welcome growers…

At Sugarleaf, they only use Green Planet Nutrients because they know they provide the cleanest and most complete formulas on the market.

Rezin is the secret weapon to accentuate the terpenes which drives the flavours and aromas in cannabis.


Massive is the #1 Flowering additive in the world. This is how you increase flower size and yields.

The unrivalled 3 part nutrients system consists of a combination of all primary, secondary and micronutrients in three separate formulas: Grow, Bloom and Micro.

Okay, award winning genetics, the right formulas, knowledgeable growing staff, and great packaging…at Sugarleaf they are definitely doing a lot of things right, but does this mean they are changing everything? That is a pretty bold statement after all.

Enter Chemistree Technologies. Having recently acquired the Sugarleaf brand, Chemistree Technologies is a publicly traded company stacked with a group of investors that are individual powerhouses in the industry already. As with anything truly amazing, Chemistree Technologies realizes it takes a team of talented people with a singular vision to accomplish a task this bold.

Together, along with all the brands that Chemistree will acquire now and in the future, they are going to launch all out assault against any negative stereotype that is behind this incredible plant.

This refreshing campaign that may be the most forward looking the industry has ever seen. The idea is simple, our society is stacked with high functioning individuals who smoke cannabis. Elon Musk was just seen smoking cannabis on the Joe Rogan show. And the shares in his company plummet 9%, meanwhile they have been sipping alcohol the whole time during the same interview.

There is a double standard in the world today and the point is the stigmatism of a “stoner” must be erased and replaced by sharing stories, images, and other content that truly encompass what cannabis does for us.

It is a tragedy that some longtime users are still afraid to admit that they use cannabis, but with the #justsmokeit campaign Sugarleaf aims to change that.

If you have a story you’d like to share, you can connect with us on social media and leave a message. Start showing that good people love cannabis with the hashtag #justsmokeit.


Chemistree trades on the CSE under the ticker symbol CHM. Get details at

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