Pootie Tang

The Pootie Tang strain was created in 2012 by New House Seed Co. A joint venture between Tierra Rojo…

Pootie Tang

Tang Tang (sativa) x LA Kush (indica dom. hybrid)


The Pootie Tang strain was created in 2012 by New House Seed Co.  A joint venture between Tierra Rojo and Paco, two Colorado based growers. The strain is a cross between LA Kush, an indica dominant hybrid known for its relaxing and euphoric properties, and Tang Tang, a racy sativa strain derived from a Blue Sonja backcross. The strain is prevalent in Colorado but can be difficult to find in other states. Pootie Tang won 3rd place at the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup for best sativa flower.. Pootie Tang is best used when you want a pick me up. Pootie Tang may also increase appetite.


Because this strain is available from both seed and clone, there are a variety of phenotypes floating around. Pootie Tang can take on an appearance that leans towards either one of the parents; however, the Tang Tang influence seems to be more pronounced. The Tang Tang parent brings sativa plant structure with elongated node structure, intense trichome coverage, and large fox-tailing colas. The clone-only LA Kush parent contributes bud density and a slightly darker green bud color.


Pootie Tang can generally be described as earthy, hashy, and tangy. The smell is predominantly earthy, which is consistent with the aroma of each of the parents. The underlying tangy-ness is a mild citrus smell – like a fresh grapefruit as opposed to a ripe orange.  The taste can generally be described as dry, musty and slightly refreshing. The taste is predominantly earthy, which is consistent with both parents. The refreshing flavors can range from tangy (from the Tang Tang) to more piney (from the LA Kush). Despite the name, do not expect the flavor to be intensely ‘orange’.


Pootie Tang induces a strong head high with the classic frontal lobe sativa buzz. This strain can be somewhat of a ‘creeper’ with delayed effects that continue to increase in intensity over time. The LA Kush balances out the racy nature of the Tang Tang high. Overall, Pootie Tang induces a classic stoney sativa sensation that is concentrated in the head.

Although no longer in production Pootie Tang will continue to live as a legacy strain that was once cultivated at Sugarleaf and remains a classic.

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