Tour Sugarleaf Farm with @CustomGrow420 & Our Owners!

You know him…you love him … he’s Washington State’s Weed Ambassador CustomGrow420!

Now, in case you don’t know him – but like us, may come to love him, Custom Grow 420 is Joel Hradecky aka “Jolie Olie”. Possibly the most popular WeedTuber in the short history of WeedTube,  Custom Grow’s over 1.5 million subscribers tune in to watch him imbibe cannabis in marathon sessions and outrageous ways. Cleverly, in the process he’s also educating us on cannabis growing techniques, cannabis use and storage.

Custom Grow joined Sugarleaf principals Justin Chorbajian (Chairman of Chemistree/Green Planet and host of the Growing Exposed Film Series) and Jeremy Deichen (creator of the Growing Exposed film series) at our farm for this Behind-The-Scenes walk-through.

He’s off to see the wizards …

Our day started with Custom Grow’s signature “What’s up YouTube” greeting. While we weren’t sure what to expect next, we must say we found Custom Grow awesomely entertaining!

However more than fun was planned for this tour – for the first time, we were opening our doors to reveal backstage operations.

We started with a look at the Veg Room. Here we nurture our “young’uns” during the plants’ initial growth and development. They remain in the cocoon of our Veg Room until they’re preparing to flower.
Justin spoke a bit about our carefully cultivated strains and genetics – the building blocks of the world’s greatest strains.

Justin also took a moment to talk about Green Planet’s “3 Part” clean, green growing system. Their 3-part nutrient system GP3 is an important part of creating our signature sustainable, 100% pesticide-free, 100% delectable cannabis. GP3 is now available to the public in a convenient nutrient kit that includes some of Green Planet’s top additives to help your own plants reach full potential.

Water, water everywhere….

Then we were off to the feeding tanks. To produce Cannabis Perfected, we’ve perfected impeccable control of humidity, carbon dioxide levels, light, nutrients… and water.

A word about water — we’re especially proud of our water stewardship. To us “sustainability” means every stage of growing and production. Cannabis production is water-intensive, so conservation and reclamation is a cornerstone of Sugarleaf Farm

Yeah, we’re geeks … as excited about the latest gauges, reclamation and water purification advances as you are about our newest strains! Our plants are fuelled by the Pacific Northwest’s purest filtered  water.

Flower power

Custom Grow wanted to linger in the flower room. And who can blame him – it’s a jungle in there! The flowering room is that sacred space dedicated to plants about to flower, and to those that are currently flowering.  Here our signature checkerboard array of lights, pure nutrients and TLC provide the ideal growing environment for fabulous flowers and tantalizing trichromes.  Custom Grow got up close and personal with some of our most famous strains as they were bursting into bloom!

The dry room was next. We like the holistic aspect of drying whole plant limb style – all or most of our plants are hung in full form, with branches, leaves and every beneficial compound intact.  Our drying process enables us to maintain proper levels of cannabinoids and prevent mold and mildew. We shared the secret of our dry process with Custom Grow – a minimum of a two-week dry at low temperatures, and with low humidity.

Do pay attention to those buckets behind the curtain!

With apologies to Frank L. Baum, who wrote “The Wizard of Oz” …  Custom Grow now entered the Wizard’s Inner Sanctum where he was greeted by bountiful buckets of our fragrant, fantastic nuggets.  All harvested at the perfect moisture content (tune into the video to learn our ideal percentage). Custom Grow admired our picture-perfect Huckleberry Soda strain, while Justin talked about our full-spectrum Hot Dog Water.    

Check out the video & join us!  Visit Custom Grow 420 at his YouTube channel here.

Also don’t miss a chance to visit Growing Exposed where you’ll join Justin and Jeremy on inside tours of the world’s most legendary growers in the world’s most amazing locations.

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