What Are Pre-Roll Joints?

Pre-rolled joints, otherwise known as pre-rolls, are basically joints that have been rolled by a dispensary or brand. These joints are ready for consumption and are no-fuss cannabis products that are widely available. Pre-roll joints mean the user doesn’t have to do any weed grinding or joint rolling. Pre-roll joints are typically available in a variety of strains and sizes and make for a convenient way to medicate.

What Are Pre-rolls?

Specifically, pre-roll joints are rolled like a cigarette using a hemp-based paper or wrap to keep all the ground cannabis inside. A filter can be added at the base of a pre-roll joint to prevent any accidental burns. Pre-rolls can be sold individually or in a pack. They vary in size from ones that end in a few puffs to ones longer than the length of a large hand. Pre-rolls can be a budget-friendly and disposable option for cannabis users on-the-go.

Inside, you’ll likely find a mixed bag of cannabis flower, from really dry and brown flower to premium ground flower covered in kief and wax. More often than not, pre-rolls have been stuffed with a low-quality shake as a way for producers to use every part of the cannabis plant. Craft and premium cannabis producers have been offering pre-roll joints with top-notch cannabis flower containing high concentrations of THC and tons of terpenes.

Benefits Of Using Pre-rolls

Pre-roll joints have remained popular consumption methods for their convenience and portability. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite cannabis strain with friends or prefer the feel of smoking a joint, pre-rolls take out the hassle of having to roll joints on your own. Joints require grinding weed, carefully packing it into wrapping paper, and tightly rolling the joint to improve airflow when taking a puff.

Sometimes, joints will contain melted wax rolled over it for a more potent experience. Many people enjoy the experience of rolling their own joints, but modern cannabis users have grown accustomed to the convenience of pre-roll joints. Pre-roll joints usually come in reusable containers for improved storage and come in a variety of price points to satisfy budget smokers and high-end rollers.

What To Expect When Smoking A Preroll

Pre-roll joint potency can range depending on its contents. Cannabis consumers can get everything from a joint rolled with flower to “twaxed” cones covered in kief. The effects of pre-rolls, however, may not be as potent as the ones experience when one consumes edibles or concentrates. Combustion can burn off much of the cannabinoids of flower in pre-rolls, bongs, or bowls, but this has been the traditional way of smoking for ages. Pre-roll joints are prized for their convenience, potency, and ease of use, especially for users who are out and about.

How Pre-rolls Are Made

Pre-roll joints are made using rolling paper, ground cannabis flower, a filter, and a grinder. A grinder is used to grind flower into smaller pieces to improve the burning process. A filter can be made to keep flower out of the mouth and to protect lips and hands from coming in direct contact with burning plant matter. Rolling paper is wrapped around the weed and sealed with saliva. The other end of the pre-roll is pinched and twisted to create a wick that can be lit.

Pre-roll joints are a great way to enjoy cannabis wherever you are. Proper storage can help extend the shelf-life of your pre-roll. Keeping it in an airtight container in a cool, dry, and dark place can make your pre-roll last for months. No matter when you enjoy your pre-roll, you’ll be happy you picked up a high-quality pre-roll.

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