sugar babies

What Are Sugar Babies?

Sugar babies may sound like a delicious snack to munch on at movie theaters, but in the cannabis world, they are an endearing term used to refer to small-sized cannabis flower buds. In a world that’s obsessed with size, sugar babies are a delightful alternative from gigantic cannabis nugs. While sugar babies may be negatively referred to as “popcorn” buds, if harvested properly, can rival larger buds in terms of potency and aroma.


What Are Sugar Babies?

In order to understand where these diminutive flower buds come from, users must understand a little bit about the anatomy of a cannabis plant. Cannabis is composed of stems, branches, leaves, and colas. Colas are collections of flower buds that grow at the top of a female cannabis plant. Cannabis buds come in varying shapes and sizes but are generally placed in three categories: large colas, mid-sized buds, and small buds (sugar babies).

Sugar babies are the smaller cannabis buds that tend to grow in the middle or bottom of a cannabis plant. Many producers remove these buds so that the top colas receive all of the nutrients and energy when growing. Other producers take advantage of state-of-the-art technology to provide light and airflow to all of the cannabis plant, not just the top. With proper growing methods, sugar babies can be just as strong as high-grade flower nugs.


Why You Should Go For Sugar Babies

Many producers avoid trimming the smaller buds because of the time and effort it takes to remove unnecessary surrounding leaves. Other growers want to maximize their harvest results and trim the smaller buds selling them at lower prices than the more aesthetically-appealing colas. While some popcorn buds may be wispy and fluffy, top-quality sugar babies contain better-than-expected trichome concentration to keep users buzzing.

Sugar babies are typically packaged in eighths (3.5 gram). Expect to find sugar babies from popular strains like Agent Orange, Chunk Dawg, Gorilla Glue, and more. Sugar babies can be used to make oils, edibles, joints, and blunts. Due to their size, sugar babies can be loaded entirely into a glass piece without having to grind the bud down.

For consumers that want the smaller, less-desirable (and sometimes cheaper) flower buds, sugar babies are the best choice. At Sugarleaf, growers pay special attention to every part of the cannabis plant in order to create a completely healthy and mature plant. After much special care and attention during the growing process, sugar babies can produce strong effects without for budget smokers.


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