What is Dry Sift Kief?

Dry sift kief (or kief for short) is one of the most potent and coveted cannabis concentrate types. Kief contains all of the potent and therapeutic cannabinoids without all of the plant matter. Kief reduces the amount of plant material consumed leaving behind pure cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), which can have anxiety, pain, and inflammatory relieving characteristics. For many users, the artisanal and handcrafted nature of dry sift kief is what keeps them coming back for more.

What Is Dry Sift Kief?

Dry sift kief is one of the most important parts of the cannabis plant. Kief is the collection of small, resinous trichome glands primarily found on mature cannabis flower buds. There are trichomes on cannabis leaves and stalks, but they’re more concentrated on the flower. Trichomes can range from a milky and clear to amber colors. Not all trichomes are the same, however. There are three different types of trichomes:

  1. Bulbous: Undetectable by the human eye and smaller than the thickness of human hair.
  2. Capitate Sessile: Longer stalks than bulbous trichomes
  3. Capitate Stalked: Most common trichomes found and contain a basal cell stalk and gland head.

Through a sieving process using varying mesh proportions, trichomes are separated from the rest of the cannabis plant material. What’s left is a grainy and soft substance containing cannabinoid precursors like THCA and CBDA which convert into THC and CBD upon heating. This powder-like substance packs quite a punch in terms of potency. Trichome and cannabinoid concentration vary by cannabis strain.



How Is Dry Sift Kief Made?

Unlike modern-day, solvent-based extraction processes, dry sifting kief requires no fancy machinery. Dry sift kief is handmade by rubbing dried cannabis flower onto fine mesh screens to remove the resinous trichome glands from any unnecessary, organic plant matter. Skilled sifters rub and shake the starting material over screens between 80 to 270 microns wide, just wide enough for trichome gland heads to get through. Some growers prefer to perform this process in colder temperatures to facilitate trichome separation.

How Is Dry Sift Kief Used?

Dry sift kief is a versatile extract that can be used in a variety of ways. Users can add it on top of their packed glass or bong bowl or inside of their rolled joint or blunt. Kief can be added onto wax Adding kief to any ground cannabis will increase its potency. Kief can also be introduced into oil and butter to make homemade edibles. Additionally, kief can be pressed into small bars that can be dabbed. Dry sift kief should be stored in an airtight glass jar to maximize its freshness.

Benefits Of Dry Sift Kief

Dry sift kief is the preferred concentrate type for many consumers due to its solvent-free process, potency, and versatility. Kief consumers can avoid inhaling residual solvents from other extract types like shatter, wax, and oil. Furthermore, kief only contains the medically-applicable compounds used by many medicinal patients. While dry sift kief can be difficult to dose on its own, it makes a fun and strong addition to any cannabis experience.

Dry sift kief is an artisanal and handmade substance that offers cannabis consumers the most bang for their buck. Not all dry sift kief is the same quality. Look out for various shades of kief from light green to dark brown colors. The lighter colors indicate the most pure kief possible.

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